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GrCanCHibCH CJ’s Mighty Zeus of Genesis CGN

1/12/2007 ~ 4/29/2019
sire: CJ’s Cadence of Shenandoah
dam: CJ’s Dreamin De Lobo
gray sable plush
height/weight: 29″ 100lbs
hips: OVC Normal (prelim)
elbows: OVC Normal (prelim)
heart: normal, practitioner
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH120/12M-PI
TLI: 17.8 (normal)
dm: Normal/Normal, GenSol 10/2014

Zeus turned out to be all we hoped for. He is everything a shiloh should be…healthy, extremely athletic, confident, loving, friendly, big and beautiful! Zeus is gentle and loving with children and puppies and he is admired everywhere we go. Zeus’ unfortunate run in with a screen door has left his tail 5″ shorter than it used to be…however despite this fault he has still proven himself in the show ring having earned his breed, Canadian and International championships all by 18 months of age and he is now also champion pointed in the US with rarities. Zeus has a great top line, a large head, nice ears, good height, good bone, beautiful feet, great movement and the most gorgeous face. Zeus has produced 3 litters this year and due to his young age we are planning to hold off using him again until next year when we have some LMI back on the resulting pups. So far I’m thrilled with the puppies, many seem to be taking after Zeus both in looks and temperament, to see some pictures of Zeus’ progeny click [HERE].