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genesis-sullyjrCHptd Genesis Sanguinely Spectacular Sully

b. 3/23/2008
sire: GRCanCHbiCH CJ’s Mighty Zeus of Genesis CGN
dam: Genesis Hope
gray sable smooth
height/weight: 30.5″ 120lbs
hips: OFA Good SLH-583G49M-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL362M49-VPI
heart: normal, practitioner

Sully started out his life as blue boy from the Hope/Zeus litter. Sully is a show stopper…he embodies what a shiloh should be. He is an extremely tall boy, easily 30 1/2″ if not taller…he is noticeably taller than his dad Zeus. Sully has an outstanding, laidback temperament…is a joy to be around and his mom takes him everywhere, including most of the pet expos we attend so the public can see him. Sully has a great topline, good head, good bone, is straight front and back and a great smooth coat with a nice scruff and mane. Sully could not be more of a gentleman and impresses everyone who meets him…he is truly a gentle giant! Sully has lots to offer the breed with his size and temperament.