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b. March 18, 2019
2 sable boys, 1 dual girl; all plush

All puppies have found their forever homes.


GRCanCHbiCH CJ’s Mighty Zeus of Genesis CGN
aka Zeus
b. 1/12/2007 | gray sable plush
sire: CJ’s Cadence of Shenandoah
dam: CJ’s Dreamin De Lobo
height/weight: 29″ 100lbs
hips: OVC Normal (prelim)
elbows: OVC Normal (prelim)
heart: normal, practitioner
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH120/12M-PI
TLI: 17.8 (normal)
dm: Normal/Normal, GenSol 10/2014
20190115-vanityGenesis’ Mirror Mirror on the Wall
aka Vanity
b. 7/15/2016 | black/cream plush
sire: Baer of Genesis TT
dam: NS bCH Ridgewood’s Precious Gem TT
black/cream plush
height/weight: 27″ 92lbs
hips: OFA Excellent SLH-925E26F-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL692F26-VPI
heart: holter (0,0,0) 6M, 1/12/2017, and
OFA Normal (results pending)

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