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Please read through the following information BEFORE filling out an application as this contains all our policies as well as what you can expect from us.

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Why buy from Genesis Shilohs?

We believe that the care we provide our dogs and our puppies is unsurpassed by any other Shiloh breeder. We have had great success in our breeding program, have produced healthy litters of wonderful pups for many families and have a solid reputation in our breed for having integrity and quality. Our dogs are never kenneled, never crated. NEVER tied but have free reign of our home and fenced in acreage. Our dogs are beloved family pets and are our number one priority. I work from home and provide around the clock care for our puppies, who are hand raised in our home and provided with plenty of room, socializing, care and love. Our puppies are kept immaculately clean, our pups are exposed to children and our other dogs, our pups are not raised for 8 weeks in a tiny whelping box but instead have a large (12×15′) tiled area in our rec room and have access to our acre backyard when they are old enough to begin going outside, around 4-5 weeks of age, weather permitting, of course.. Very few breeders are able to provide the round the clock care or facilities our puppies have. You will NEVER find a dirty, neglected or unsocialized puppy (or dog) in our home…I sleep beside my newborn pups for the first 3 weeks of their lives and ALL of our dogs sleep loose in our bedroom with us. Our dogs are all obedience trained and socialized. We feed our dogs raw food which we make ourselves that consists of human grade meat, bones, tripe as well as eggs and a small amount of fresh steamed vegetables…our puppies are provided the same diet. We are known by our vets for having first class, healthy, quality animals with exceptional temperaments and can provide our vet as a reference as well as references from our countless buyers who have seen first hand the condition of our dogs and have experienced the outstanding temperaments of their pups. You may pay more for a puppy from us, but we believe you get what you pay for, a quality animal from a reputable breeder. We hope you will never compromise price for quality and that you will not support “breeders” who simply run breeding “operations” where their sole goal is to produce as many pups as possible, without regard to whether they have the time to care for them, or whether they have homes for their puppies. Research before you invest…remember the puppy you buy will be a family member for years to come. Never purchase a puppy from a breeder who discourages you from visiting, ALWAYS visit your breeder and meet the parents of your future puppy HANDS ON, don’t just view them from a distance. We believe if you visit our home and meet our dogs you will be satisfied that you have chosen the best possible breeder for your future baby.

What can you expect?
At Genesis Shilohs dogs are our passion…we love our animals and treat them as valuable members of our family. We breed our dogs to help improve the breed and will only sell our puppies to quality homes. We feed our dogs raw meat, fish, eggs, tripe etc. We raise our pups on raw also and expect our puppy buyers to feed quality food. We will not allow any of our pups to go to homes where they will be chained up or where they will live in kennels. We sell our puppies with neuter/spay contracts on all our pets and to ensure the continued health and future of this breed we require our puppy buyers to x-ray their pups hips between 12-18 months old. As the Shiloh is a rare breed health testing information is critical to help us produce the healthiest possible puppies, and we ask our puppy buyers to do their part by doing the required health testing. We are able to provide references and encourage you to contact and/or visit them.
Visiting Our Dogs
Here at Genesis Shilohs we welcome visitors. We believe that your best decision is an informed decision. When purchasing a puppy from a breeder you want to make sure the dogs are in good health and are given proper attention. Please do not support puppy mills. Our dogs live inside our home and are kept clean, well groomed and well trained…we are able to provide you with our dogs health records, hip certificates and pedigrees. We only ask that you phone ahead to book an appointment so that we are home. We have puppies in other areas of the province, country and even in the U.S. If you live too far outside the area to visit we can arrange a visit with one of those dogs.
Our Puppy Application

The first step in purchasing a puppy from us is filling out our application. This application can be printed off the site and mailed in or we have an electronic application which can be filled out online and submitted directly. When filling out the application please provide as much information about yourself, your experience with dogs and your living situation as possible. We recommend crate training and encourage obedience for all our puppies in order to mold your puppy into the dog you want. Please include on your application your preferences for gender, litter preference, coat preference as well as references. We will email you once we have received your application and are always available to answer questions via email or by phone at (613) 477-1844. We don’t expect to be the only ones with questions or concerns…we are open to answering your questions and are able to provide you with references upon request. Once we have received your application and you are approved reservations are held with deposits.

For an online copy of our application click [HERE].

  • Pet quality puppies, sold with a neuter/spay agreement are sold for $1800 CND.
  • Breeding quality puppies are sold on breeding agreements and to reputable breeders, only.
  • To secure a puppy from a specific litter, a deposit is required. The deposit amount is $400.00. We will email verification once the deposit has been received.
  • Deposits are refundable if a breeding does not take but may be bounced to another litter if you prefer.
  • Deposits are NOT refundable if you choose another breeder or simply change your mind.
  • When moving your deposit to another litter, you will be placed behind anyone already in place. We cannot move you ahead of someone else even if your deposit was received before theirs.
  • You can send your deposit to:
    Michelle Bowler, 3553 Shannonville Road, Roslin Ontario K0K 2Y0
Health Guarantee

Pups are wormed twice between the ages of 2-6 weeks of age to ensure they are free of any parasite. They also receive their first series of vaccinations at about 7 weeks of age. Each pup leaves our home with a 2 year health guarantee and a certificate of good health from our vet. The pups are guaranteed healthy when they leave our home with a 72 hour return policy. We provide a two year health guarantee against any congenital or hereditary disabling disease.

Click [HERE] for a sample of our Puppy Contract.

Nutritional and Socialization Agreement

It is my promise to you that your puppy, and your puppy’s mother will only be fed high quality food throughout their life in my care. Because I believe that what your puppy’s nutrition will have a direct link to their continued growth and health I ask that you continue feeding the quality of food that your puppy will receive in his/her first 8 weeks. It is part of my policy to ask you to sign a nutritional agreement, which states that you will feed only high quality or holistic quality food. Socialization also plays a huge role in turning your puppy into the dog of your dreams!

Click [HERE] to see a sample of my Nutritional/Socialization Agreement and [HERE] to read more on the importance of socialization

Pregnancy and First 8 Weeks
We know first hand how difficult the waiting process can be for expectant “parents”. Therefore we do our best to keep you up to date and informed on the progression of both the dam’s pregnancy as well as the first 8 weeks of your puppy’s life. An up to date puppy page with pictures will be added to the website and emails with pictures are sent out weekly (at least) from the day the pups are born. We are also always willing to answer emails and phone calls about the puppies progress. Puppy visits are allowed after the pups are 4-5 weeks of age but you will be asked to remove your shoes and/or wash them as well as disinfect your hands before handling the pups. The wait will be hard…and long but spend this time preparing yourselves and your home for your new arrival!
Preparing for your puppy
Preparing for your puppy is like preparing to bring home your newborn baby. Your puppy will put everything it can into it’s mouth, so an area will need to be prepared where puppy can be safely housed whiled you’re not at home. Things you might want to purchase before you bring home your baby: crate that will accommodate a 100+ sized dog, 6ft. leash, retractable leash (this is a great tool for training the “come” command), collar, dog bed, dog dishes, grooming brush (I recommend the “rake” style brush) and scissors (for the plush dogs), dog nail clippers, dog supplements (glucosamine/chondrotin), and safe dog toys (squeaky stuffed animals, rubber balls etc.) Also purchasing quality books on training (and reading them) will benefit you and prepare you and the family to agree on training, rules and boundaries which is important for consistency and will greatly help your puppy understand what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. (i.e. is it okay to be on the couch? the bed?)
Litter Evaluation
A thorough LER (litter evaluation test) is completed between 7-8 weeks of age.  A qualified breeder is brought in to help us complete the test in an unbiased manner.   The purpose of the evaluation is to give us clues to the temperament as well as drives of the puppy…this information is helpful when matching puppies with owners. 
The time has come to choose your puppy.
Puppy choice is based on the order the deposits were received, the information we received on your application and the results of the Litter Evaluation.  It is important to match the right puppy to the right family and we reserve the right to deny placement of a puppy due to information received from the evaluation that we feel will create a potentially deadly match.  If it is possible we try to allow you as much freedom in your choice as possible and will provide advice and recommendation when choosing.   This is a long time commitment and we want everyone, including our puppies to be happy.
Bringing puppy home.
Bringing home your puppy is an exciting time for you and your puppy.  Expect your puppy to be a bit sad and out of sorts his/her first day or so…remember he’s missing his mom and siblings, he/she may not eat well for the first couple days….don’t worry as he/she will resume his/her normal eating patterns quickly!  Your 8 week old puppy will need to be taken out at least once in the night for a few weeks…he/she is too little and the bladder too small to hold it all night…you will lose a little sleep but by not allowing your puppy to have accidents in the night you will speed along your house training.  Between 10-12 weeks your puppy should be able to sleep through the night, I highly recommend crate training for housebreaking, there is lots of information online or in good training books to help you utilize this tool to your and your puppy’s benefit.  It is never too soon to start training and enrolling your puppy into puppy kindergarten is a great beginning! Your puppy will grow QUICKLY and you will need to continue to increase his/her food quantity to satisfy the growing needs of your baby.  It is not unusual to be feeding upwards of 6-8 cups of food a day during your puppy’s peak growing time.  If you have any concerns/questions about your puppy’s needs please contact me.
Breeder Support

We provide our puppy buyers with support throughout the life of your dog…we consider you part of our Genesis family and are always available for any questions, concerns or problems that may arise with your puppy. If we don’t have an answer to one of your questions, we will find one from our network of experienced Shiloh Shepherd breeders and trainers. We encourage you to join the yahoo shilohs group, where people post stories, advice and pictures daily.

We will also want to hear from you!! We ask for updates on your puppy…we love to hear about how they are progressing!! Photos are always appreciated and will be added to our site. Please keep us informed of any accomplishments and titles your dog may receive either in the show ring, obedience trials, herding or agility and/or CGC or therapy certificates. We are proud of our puppies and do not lose our interest in them just because they’ve left our home.

We also ask that you register your puppy with our dog club, the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club (ISSDC), which will provide you with tons of Shiloh information, news, stories, show information and upcoming events.

Shipping Policies

Pups are available for pick-up at approximately 8 weeks of age. If for any reason you are unable to pick up your puppy at the designated time arrangements need to be made ahead of time. There is an additional daily fee for holding your puppy beyond the agreed upon time. For families living outside the area I will ship puppies within Canada and the U.S.

Please email us for a quote on shipping.

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