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Genesis’ Faith of Zion HIC JHD OFA

4/2/2002 – 12/10/2012
sire: bCh Zion’s Angus Quinn For Cash
dam: bCHptd Zion’s Miss Lilli Bean
white smooth
height/weight: 28″ 100lbs
hips: PennHip L 0.44 R 0.38
heart: normal, practitioner
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH21/15F-NOPI

Faith is one of the first of three Shilohs ever in the history of the breed to obtain both her Herding Capabilities Test and her Junior Herding Dog Titles, which are governed over and presented by the American Herding Breed Association.

Faith is a pure white smooth with a happy disposition. Faith loves her pack but takes awhile to warm up to new dogs, but is a softie with people…every morning Faith climbs into bed with me for her mandatory 20 minutes of hugs and kisses before she can start the day. Faith loves to please and is easy to train. Although she is laid back and quiet in the house, content to sleep on the bed, she loves nothing more than going for a run in the woods.