Belleville Ontario
(613) 477-1844



7/12/1997 – 10/10/2009
black/tan smooth
height/weight: 28″ 130lbs

Oliver was my sweet, sweet boy! He was neutered, as we bought him strictly for a pet and didn’t even bother to register him, although he was from a registered CKC kennel. Oliver is the greatest dog I have ever had the privilege of having in my life. He was extremely obedient, intelligent and absolutely loving and gentle to everyone he mets. Oliver would come into the youth drop in center, where I volunteered, to do “therapy” with the teens there- he was well received and loved by all who met him. Oliver was so devoted to me. I was his life and it was obvious to anyone who met him….he always wanted to know where I was and was most content when he could have his eye on me. We had to put Oliver down at 12 1/2 after he lost the use of his hind legs due to hip dysplasia. I credit Oliver with getting me involved in Shiloh Shepherds as it was my search for another shepherd like him that lead me to the breed.

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