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Product & Price List

Our products are all from Ontario farms, all federally inspected animals.All our chicken is organic. Our products are picked up, cleaned and packed by us. All our meat including tripe is washed inside and out prior to slicing or grinding with excess fat trimmed off. We grind and package all our mixes ourselves so we know exactly what is in them…all the meat is fresh, eggs are fresh and any vegetables are also fresh and steamed prior to adding them to the mix. Our products are ALL NATURAL, nothing added.. Our ground meats come in 2lb resealable tubs, our pieces in 2lb ziplock freezer bags unless otherwise indicated. We can also prepare foods in 1lb or 1/2lb containers also, contact us for prices on small containers.

product price/CAD
chicken backs/frames $1.25/lb
ground chicken (includes meat and bones) $1.60/lb
turkey necks $3.00/lb
duck necks $3.25/lb
duck wings $2.50/lb
duck hearts $4.50/lb
duck liver $4.50/lb
ground duck $4.00/lb
duck mix (ground wings, hearts, liver) $4.30/lb
ground green tripe $3.00/lb
meaty beef bones (shank, briskette)* $1.50/lb
beef heart $3.00/lb
beef liver $1.50/lb
beef mix (tripe, lung, liver, heart) $3.00/lb
Breeder’s Mix (40% tripe, 49% ground chicken, 10% offal, 1% whole raw eggs with shell) $2.30/lb
Premium 5 Mix – This mix contains 5 different protein sources and is my most premium mix (40% beef tripe, 34% ground chicken, 10% lamb tripe, 3% ground duck wings/necks,Beef offal 10%, 2% fish, 1% whole eggs) $3.30/lb
Breeder’s Choice Mix  (green tripe 40%, ground chicken with bone 44%, offal 10%, raw whole eggs including shell 1%, fresh steamed ground veggies 5% ( spinach, sweet potato and apple)) $2.60/lb
Musher’s Mix (40% chicken including bone, 40% beef tripe, 8% fish, 10% offal, 2% whole raw egg) $2.75/lb
Duck Mix  (Wings, necks, heart, liver, duck eggs when available) $4.30/lb
*For dogs with chicken allergies we can make any mixes using duck wings/necks in place of chicken. Ask us for a price.
duck feet $5.00/pkg
duck liver/heart $5.00/pkg
beef liver $5.00/pkg
beef lung $5.00/pkg

  *when available
**All percentages on mixes are approximate, though we strive to keep them as close to these measurements as possible.