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Stud Service Agreement (sample)

Below is a sample of our Stud Service Agreement:

The service at stud of the Shiloh Shepherd male (name of stud), owned by by Michelle and Todd Bowler, is hereby contracted by Michelle Bowler, for the Shiloh Shepherd female (name of bitch) under the following conditions:

  1. Stud Fee: The fee for (name of stud) service at stud is pick puppy and/or $1400 CAN for proven stud and/or $1200 CAN for unproven stud (at the discretion of the stud owner), which is payable before the puppies are eight (8) weeks old.
  2. Guarantee: Michelle and Todd will guarantee three (3) viable puppies at 8 weeks for the stud fee. If there are 2 puppies the stud owner will be $500.00 CAN. If there are less than two viable puppies at 8 weeks, payment of the stud fee is not required.
  3. Health: (name of stud) is in excellent health. Health results are available upon request. Copies of all of bitch’s health results must be made available to Michelle and Todd Bowler.
  4. Breeding: Upon the execution of this agreement, (name of stud) is available to stand at stud with (name of bitch). If stud and bitch do not tie naturally, and a veterinarian performs Artificial Insemination, any expenses incurred will be paid by bitch owner.
  5. Expenses: Bitch owner will assume the responsibility for any and all expenses pertaining to this breeding and any puppies that result from it. These expenses can include, but are not limited to: veterinary fees and expenses, travel expenses, all veterinary care for the breeding and/or whelping of the bitch; care of the litter, etc.
  6. Release of Liability: In breeding animals, there is always a risk that one may be injured during the process. Each owner agrees to hold the other harmless from any injury, liability or damage that may be incurred during the breeding.
  7. Registration of Puppies: Puppies resulting from this breeding will be registered with the NSBR.