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Purchase Agreement, Pet (sample)

Below is a sample of our Purchase Agreement, Pet:

General Conditions:

You will always care for this puppy, and provide properly for its welfare.

You will always follow our recommendations and guidance pertaining to the care of this puppy.

You have purchased this puppy as a pet. Consequently, you will never breed this puppy, unless Genesis Shilohs determines it to be upgradeable, and all of the Breeder’s and Registry’s upgrade requirements are met.

You will never sell, lease or give this puppy to any pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory or similar facility.

Socialization and Training:

You will provide companionship for this puppy, never leaving it alone for long periods of time without human attention. This puppy will spend time in the home with family members, and it will become a member of your family. You will provide this puppy with generous amounts of exercise, and with safe toys.

You will not allow this puppy outdoors unless it is properly supervised, leashed, or left in the confines of proper pet containment (i.e., fence, electronic fence, dog run, etc.). You will never chain this puppy!

Genesis Shilohs has taken every effort to stimulate this puppy (physically and mentally) during the first eight weeks of its life. When this puppy is presented to you, it will have a sound temperament. It is your obligation to nurture this puppy, so that it remains that way. You will diligently socialize this puppy (puppy kindergarten is an excellent starting point – as well as frequent walks, trips in the car, family outings, etc.). You will provide this puppy with no less than (12) class hours of obedience training, and you will forward copies of all Diplomas/Certificates of Completion to Genesis Shilohs.

Veterinary Care:

You will see to it that this puppy always receives prompt, qualified veterinary care. Since this puppy is susceptible to parvo and other communicable diseases, you will limit its exposure to other dogs until all immunizations are complete. You will have this puppy spayed/neutered* when it is between 6 and 24 months of age, and you will forward a copy of the spay/neuter certificate to Genesis Shilohs. The spay/neuter of the dog is mandatory for the fulfillment of this contract, any illness which would prevent the spaying/neutering must be forwarded to Genesis Shilohs.

*Spaying/neutering is not required if Genesis Shilohs determines this puppy is Breeding quality and said puppy passes all health testing required by the registry to upgrade the puppy to breed. Any upgraded puppy is upgraded on a Breeding agreement which requires 1 pick puppies from the female’s first and second litter to be given to Genesis Shilohs as part of the breeding agreement. Genesis Shilohs has a right to determine the stud for one of the first two breedings. If this puppy is bred prior to 22 months or prior to health testing all resulting pups must be sold as pets, unregistered.

If your vet has any questions about your puppy, please feel free to give him/her our telephone number!

Nutrition and Supplements:

Since weaning, the basis of this puppy’s diet has been Nutro Ultra Large Breed Puppy kibble. You must feed your puppy this or an equivalent brand (agreed upon by both parties). The following supplements are mandatory:

*Flexicose or equivalent supplement of glucosamine/chondroitin/msm (minimum 1000 mg daily) until 18 months of age.

Failure to administer these supplements will void this contract.


You will complete all requirements for the Temporary (Puppy) and Permanent (Adult) registration of this puppy, with the Registry(s) selected by Genesis Shilohs. (Note: The adult registration process involves having your puppy’s hips x-rayed between 12-20 months of age) If you fail to properly register this puppy, your Guarantee will be rendered null and void.


You will follow our instructions and advice on the gluing/bracing of this puppy’s ears.

You will notify Genesis Shilohs of any changes in mailing address, email address, or telephone number.

If you can no longer provide a loving and secure home for this puppy, and you are unable to find a suitable loving home we will take the puppy back and place it as we see fit. This puppy is never to be placed in a pound or animal shelter. The dog, all health records and registration certificate(s) (with ownership signed to “Michelle Bowler”) will be returned to Genesis Shilohs at the Buyer’s expense.

Pictures/Progress Reports:

You will continually keep apprised Genesis Shilohs of your puppy’s health and well-being.

Also, you will provide pictures of your puppy on a regular basis.

Breeder’s Guarantee:

Genesis Shilohs guarantees this puppy against crippling hip dysplasia that is apparent by the time the puppy is 24 months of age. Genesis Shilohs also guarantees this puppy against genetic defects apparent by 24 months of age that will adversely affect this puppy’s quality of life. If your puppy fails to live up to this Guarantee, Genesis Shilohs will replace this puppy with one of equal or greater value from a subsequent litter (you keep the original puppy). Genesis Shilohs is not responsible for any vet care that is required for any health defects/illnesses that arise while the puppy/dog is in the care of the owner, whether they be genetic or not.


  • It is the Buyer’s responsibility to pay the shipping expenses (i.e., cargo, crate, etc.) of any replacement puppy.
  • In the case of sudden death or euthanasia due to illness, an autopsy will be performed (at the Buyer’s expense) to determine the exact cause of death. A copy of the autopsy report will be provided to Genesis Shilohs.
  • It is the Buyer’s responsibility to keep Genesis Shilohs informed of any potential problems or concerns regarding your puppy’s health and welfare (i.e., contact Genesis Shilohs, or ask your veterinarian to contact us, as soon as you have a concern). Often, the concern can be corrected before it becomes a problem.
  • If your puppy is diagnosed with a digestive disorder, you will be required to provide documentation (i.e., receipts) showing that you followed our Nutritional Guidelines, before a replacement puppy will be offered.
  • Genesis Shilohs negates all replacement responsibility if your puppy becomes ill or sickly due to nutritional neglect.
  • Genesis Shilohs does not warrant the temperament of this puppy. Temperament is determined by genetics and environment. When your puppy was presented to you, it had a sound temperament. Too often, puppies with sound temperaments develop temperament problems as a result of the way they are raised.
  • If it is reported that this puppy is being abused or neglected, rights and ownership of this puppy will automatically terminate and revert back to Genesis Shilohs, who may immediately assume possession.


The price of this puppy is $1800.00 CAD, plus satisfaction of the conditions set forth in this Agreement.

Your signature(s) below indicates that you have reviewed and discussed this agreement with the Breeder PRIOR TO RECEIVING your puppy, and are in full agreement and approval of the above terms and conditions.