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Nutritional/Socialization Agreement (sample)

Below is a sample of our Nutritional/Socialization Agreement:

  1. I agree to feed my puppy no less then 2-3 times a day until he/she reaches 9 months of age, then I will feed him/her no less than 2 times a day for his/her life.
  2. I agree NEVER to use a chemically preserved Dog Food. I will feed my puppy a raw diet or naturally preserved Kibble. The following are foods approved by Genesis Shilohs:  (a) Nutro Ultra (b) Nutro Natural Recipe (c) Royal Canin German Shepherd (d) Wellness (e) Natures Recipe (f) _________________ (another brand, agreed upon by breeder.)
  3. I agree to add Flexicose to my puppy’s food daily (or an equal glucosamine/chondrotin/msm supplement), daily throughout his/her first two years.  (minimum 1000 mg daily)
  4. I agree my puppy will not get any kind of grease (especially bacon), small cut beef bones, any cooked bones (cooking is what makes bones brittle and can choke and cause other serious damage to your puppy),  chocolate, or sugary or starchy foods. I will always check with my breeder before feeding any foods or supplements not listed.      *Please keep in mind that FAT is very detrimental to our dogs and can lead to mild EPI and other problems.
  5. I agree to provide my puppy with a supply of fresh water at all times, and will not give any other beverage without the consent of my breeder.
  6. I agree to provide my puppy with regular vet visits and stool checks to assure that my puppy is parasite free.
  7. I agree to take my puppy to puppy kindergarten. If kindergarten is not available, I agree to take my puppy on frequent outings where he/she will be exposed to other people, animals, and situations. I understand that failure to give my puppy this exposure could result in shyness, or damage his/her ability to socialize properly with people as well as other animals.
  8. I agree to continue PROPER socialization as my puppy gets older through, participation in shows, obedience classes, and/or continued outings in public places (parks, the mall, etc.) I also agree to educate myself regarding the various aspects involved in my puppy’s inherited behavior traits, so that I can help him to attain his full potential.

I/We _________________________ hereby agree to abide and follow all the guidelines for my puppy’s feeding and socialization program for it’s entire life. I understand the importance of these strict guidelines for the proper development of my Shiloh Shepherd.  I understand to keep my dog in ultimate condition through this worming, vaccination, and feeding program. I understand that failure to abide and follow all guidelines,  of this Nutritional Agreement or reach an alternative that is agreed upon by both (your name) and (Michelle Bowler), will automatically dissolve my guarantee making it null and void.